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We change the world when people come together. At Docusign, we’re building products that are used all over the globe, by people from all walks of life. We’re intentional about creating an inclusive work environment that enables us to unlock the benefits of our diverse backgrounds and experiences because we want to build our workforce to reflect the many people who trust Docusign with their agreements.

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Docusign

Our goal is to create an environment where every Docusign employee feels confident bringing all parts of themselves to work. These are the steps we’re taking to build that workplace.

Measure and analyze

The first step is to know how we’re doing across a myriad of metrics, so we can understand the makeup of our teams today and where we need to go.

Define and communicate

Developing a diverse workforce requires alignment around shared goals. By clearly communicating our success metrics, we empower teams to prioritize impact over activity.

Cultivate and champion

Docusign is working to lift up and cultivate equity across all of our teams. We continuously build on our learnings through pilot programs and exploring new solutions.

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Bring your whole self to work

Culture is what we create and cultivate. It’s both an act of recognizing where we are today—and defining where we want to be. Our guiding principles illuminate shared understanding in our pursuit to develop a culture of belonging.

Bring your whole self to work


Diversity encompasses the entire employee and everything that makes a person individually unique.


Equity is the outcome of fair and consistent systems that enable individual success.


We believe all employees should feel understood, included, connected and safe.

Belonging is a critical aspect of our culture. Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion allows us to create a workplace where all employees feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. We want you to feel seen, valued and respected.

Global representation of women
at Docusign

Docusign data is as of January 31, 2024

  • Our gender data reflects our global employee base.
  • Race and ethnicity information is based on data voluntarily reported by US employees. Less than 5% of our employees as of January 31, 2023 declined to provide such data.
  • We report on women specifically as a reflection of our current data, but we know and support the fact that gender is not binary.
  • Leadership is defined as Director and above people managers and includes principal level individual contributors on our product, security, IT and engineering teams.
  • Technical roles are positions that require deep technical specialization and knowledge, as well as managers, directors, and executives who oversee technical employees and the development and delivery of technical products. The technical workforce is defined by position; not by department. Some of the specific roles included are engineers, data analysts, product managers, solution engineers and endpoint technicians.
  • Pay Equity: Driving accountability continues to be a key focus of our diversity, equity and inclusion journey. As such we will continue to focus on pay equity in conjunction with analyzing data during our annual compensation review and take action based on the outcome of the analysis.
Brazil Bi-annual Salary Transparency Report
Iesha Berry
Iesha Berry

One of our goals is to amplify voices across our organization—so that we not only foster an inclusive workplace, but inclusive and accessible products and solutions for all.

One of our goals is to amplify voices across our organization—so that we not only foster an inclusive workplace, but inclusive and accessible products and solutions for all.

Iesha Berry

Iesha Berry Chief Diversity & Engagement Officer

Our employee resource groups provide ways for employees to connect, support and share


Championing our Black Organization for Leadership and Development


A community of caregivers focused on helping families thrive


Developing and leveraging our veteran talent internally and externally


Providing space and opportunity for our Latinx and Hispanic Talent


Celebrating our Pan Asian Voices for Equity


A celebration of our LGBTQIA+ community


A community for those affected by disabilities, seen and unseen


Providing resources for Women in Solution Excellence


Fostering an inclusive culture for Women in Product Development


Our community for all women from throughout Docusign


Supporting the group of Women in Sales

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